Characters in Darkmoon Vale

When leveling up, your updated character sheet must be turned in by the Wednesday before the game.

Source Books Allowed: Core Rulebook (use of other sources by GM approval only, see other sources allowed list)

Point Buy: 15 (no stats below 8 after racial modifiers)

Starting Wealth: Average

Hit Points: You will always receive maximum HP when you go up a level. (No need to roll)

XP: There is no XP. You will level up at GM discretion and when the story compels.

Alignment: Alignment isn’t hard and fast. There will be no alignment restrictions for class or prestige class. Instead other restrictions may apply. In the case of a Paladin, a strict written code in line with the characters chosen deity and subject to GM approval. Also, Detect Alignment will detect good or evil intentions towards you instead.

Ammunition: You do not need to keep up with the number of arrows/bolts/bullets/darts you’ve used. I assume you’ll recover what you can after each battle and reuse them. You will need to purchase a package of ammunition to start with.

Equipment: The minimum amount of equipment you will need to purchase is: armor, weapon(s) (and ammunition if needed), a waterskin, and backpack. Also recommended are rope, flint and steel, and a torch.

Remember to update your character sheet with any new equipment and indicate size if it is a size category other than your character. If it’s not on your character sheet posted on the website, you don’t have it.

Rations: You don’t need to purchase or keep track of rations. I’ll assume you have them and will resupply yourselves as you go along.

Followers: Ability Scores – 10 Point Buy (no stats below 8); Gear – Average Starting Wealth for the class

Characters in Darkmoon Vale

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