Darkmoon Vale

Darkmoon Vale: Session 17

The Journals of Njörd Eissen - Out of the Blizzard to be Bombarded by Bears

The Journals of Njörd Eissen – Out of the Blizzard to be Bombarded by Bears

We ran from the storm, our foes, and certain death, into a literal bear trap. Worn and weary from our previous encounters our group bounded away through the woods only to hear the growls from rabid beasts approaching. Even though she was drastically wounded, Mira grabbed our halfling healer, stuffed him in her knapsack for better protection, and sent her wolf away, who was barely holding onto life herself. Once we spotted the bears, the party split. The beasts easily caught up to the lead-footed Pint and swatted him down and out for the encounter. Otho stabilized the dwarf as Mira tried for cover behind a tree. Bay-Winn and I took off further into the forest to try and draw one away, Bay-Winn attempted to climb a tree, but failed embarrassingly.

In the distance, I could see my half-orc friend go down after an extended flurry of axe swings and devastatingly heavy swipes from our fearsome foes. Otho lay still beside her, yet no blood pooled beside him. I believed him to be playing opossum, on the surface craven, but actually much braver than it appears. I spotted Drogheda flying back towards her fallen friend. It seems that she distracted the creatures enough to keep them from preying upon Otho, yet only long enough for her to be struck and go still herself.

I tore off towards where Bay-Winn was. At that time she was fitting herself with her magical boots that endow her with the ability to climb like the spider. As it would turn out, a essential tool in this fight. I yelled and screamed at the opposition, when one came towards me. Being without spell to attack, I drew my quarterstaff, knowing that it could possibly be the last time. We traded blows, one across his face and one across my back. Above, Bay-Winn stood steadily in tree sniping both bears with her bow. Bravely holding the beast at bay whilst barking biddings, I received a nasty assault from my opponent and deciding to, er…, take a quick sit.

Falling into a slumber, I could tell Bay-Winn was still ardently launching volleys of arrows at the creatures. I heard a quick victory yell as she took down the unpleasant creature beside me. The other bear, now free of conscious prey (save the clever Otho), briskly charged towards the arachnid archer of the arbors. Once it reached the base of the tree, it dug it’s claws in and ascended. With the ease of the eight-eyed, Bay-Winn scaled the living pillar and continued to rain down missiles. The bear shinnies up another ten feet after her before an arrow is precisely placed between its eyes, and it falls with a mighty thud beside me. It was at that time, now out of peril and having been fully dedicated to this respite for some time, that I decided to rest my eyes for an extended period.

I awoke the next day to learn that Mira had carried most of our party to our campsite, only after our healer had revived her. Along with breakfast, Otho doled out a heaping helpful of heals to revitalize the entire group. Later, we returned to the logging cabin to stay a few days and eventually headed back towards the town.

On our way back, however, we stopped after hearing noises coming from a bush. Investigating, we found the sound to be a large troll arm. Alone. An arm disconnected from its host. Its owner soon appeared carrying the mangled corpse of a dwarf. Noting the circumstances we jumped into action only for it to be quickly subdued by a conversation. Our bard, logical and ever-ready to chat, asks the troll to explain. He tells us that he was attacked by this dwarf, so he killed it. His story seems to holds up, although, dead dwarves tell no tales.

Knowing that trolls tend to horde treasures, we have Mira reluctantly track the troll to his cave and we meet her outside. Bay-Winn and Mira attempt to stealth their way inside to find riches, but instead find their own loud noises and three trolls instead of one. Bay-Winn walked free and upside down with the help of her boots. Mira, however, was trapped inside. To help her escape we had to barter with these trolls. I volunteered three of my finest pelts. Bay-Winn: her rope. In the end we walked briskly away; lighter on pelts, dignity, but with our half-orc friend intact.

Once back in town, we spoke to Basil’s friend and waited in the tavern. Having recently lost much of my pelt stock, I began working on some garnishes for Pint’s armor (although at that moment it was being repaired). Pint returned with news from his protege and my nightmare, Kimi. It seems as though her mother, and my former lover, had gone crazy and missing. Although, I can attest to her insanity, she shouldn’t have disappeared. Our ties may be severed, but I do hope for her safety, especially if I had anything to do with it. I, myself, have recently dealt with bouts of derangement. Could these events be related? Could her husband possibly be to blame? I have been under the suspicion lately, that I am being followed. REVEAL YOURSELF CUR! Release me from this tortuous doubt! Only time will tell.

It also appears that rumours have surfaced regarding my… involvements. I spend some time refuting these misgivings of the townsfolk, but I can’t help but enjoy being talked about.

Our reward eventually arrived, some 200 gold, and we accepted a new mission. We are to set off towards another encampment that was attacked to rescue the crew. Unfortunately, along for our trip are henchmen from the big boss. Possible spies, if you ask me.



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