Darkmoon Vale

Darkmoon Vale: Session 15

The Journals of Njörd Eissen - A Boost into the Bastion

The Journals of Njörd Eissen – A Boost into the Bastion

Coming out of my strange stupor, I was surprised to learn of the mission before us. We waited quietly outside of an apparent asylum for the insane! A tall gate stood at the front with an apparent guard slot for viewing. My party walked the walled perimeter looking for an alternate entrance, or rather, a way to sneak in. Our only option was to either boost a willing member over or to devise some befuddling farce to get past the guard. While Tank, Pint and I debated on who would pretend to be a prisoner in our scheme, Bay-Winn and Otho volunteered to venture over the wall in the alternate. We traveled to the backside wall and hoisted them over. They were to sneak towards the front gate and unlock it from the inside. We were on our way back to the front to meet our compatriots when we heard the familiar sounds of struggle. It seems our friends had found some foes. Immediately beneath us a viridian blast of energy raced past our feet. The grass beneath our feet began to grow quickly, covering us in a thick briar-like net. Thinking promptly, I had Mira and my dwarven allies toss me up and over the walls before the animated vines could entangle me.

As I fell back towards the ground I saw Bay-Winn fending off a pair of vile villains from Otho as he attempted to free the lock. I landed in the tall grass and quickly summoned some celestial canines to aid Bay-Winn in her defense. I could hear our friends on the other side of the wall struggling to make their way through the thicket.

Bay-Winn greased a wide area around our adversaries and the guard shack as I cast spell after spell to chip away at their health. I then heard loud strikes against the front door (and Tank’s barbaric rage-fueled yelling) which eventually burst open revealing our friends. The briar, however, continued to hold them back, limiting their access and, frankly, assistance greatly. I even took an arrow to the gut and continued to fire missiles of magic as I made my way slowly back through the gates. By this time Otho had escaped as well and well able to close my wound enough to continue casting.

By this time my dogs had dissipated so Bay-Winn sang forth the mirage of a great battle before us, confusing our foes. As another set of enemies came running at us, Mira and I struck the final blows on the baddies before us. Bay-Winn added more complexity to the illusion, but for Pint, this only created more confusion. He could not tell what was real and at least twice struck at what wasn’t really there.

As our enemies struggled and slipped amid the vines and grease, the fearsome Mira met each with a curt greeting of her axe. Bay-Winn altered her oral image to clear the dwarves’ senses and I rendered resplendent rays of rime in an attempt to freeze an enemy archer in place. I felt my feet freed from the fettering ferns and I could tell the spell was lifted. An eager smile crept onto the faces of the bruisers in our party and they rushed towards the nearest object to bash, which was a new set of enemies on their way to try and halt our assault.

As I contemplate this day’s battle I cannot help but reflect upon what happened next. It was an experience I had never yet encountered and hope to never face again. If it were not for my quick thinking and mighty magic, I doubt I would be here to consider its implications. Here is how is exactly how it went down in all its excruciating detail. In fact, I will need to start another page in order to properly capture the intricacies…

The next few pages of this journal have been ripped out leaving only the tattered edges of shredded parchment. The next entry begins, “Breakfast and Bravado! How to Properly Brandish Bacon and Other Daybreak Banter”



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