Darkmoon Vale

Darkmoon Vale: Session 11, Part 1

A Clerics Perspective

We begin our story in the Sitting Duck tavern as we attempt to wrangle the ranger, Badiel, into caring that there may be a necro-cult in his midst. He could care less. He was mildly amused by the signet ring of the Necromancer he had been tracking down after killing his father. He gave us 100g reward (minus the cost of the drinks). The map of the Hall of Dead Heroes did pique his interest but we snatched away our map to its location before he had a chance to study it at length. I don’t trust him.

Attempting to arouse interest in the cult with the local “good” Necromancer didn’t seem to work either. People just don’t care about cults the way they used to. During our conversation with the N’mancer, Bay-Wynn attempted to gain access to his laboratory to search for clues that might link him to the cult. Nothing was found. Another dead end.

The sheriff of the town seemed unconcerned as well. Impending doom just doesn’t hold water with these people.

Njord’s girlfriend the seamstress looked at one of the finer cloaks that we had found and all we found out that someone with a lot of money probably owned it. Ya think? Njord proceeds to bang her again while we wait.

Finding no interest in our cult story we decide to blow the joint and follow the map to the Hall of Dead Heroes. We encounter some drunken ogres giving hell to one of their friends for losing his wedding ring. They were so distracted with this ribbing we were able to sneak past them unnoticed.

The map leads us to a cave with many chambers. In the first chamber we find a deep pool of water. None of us had the testicular fortitude to inspect the pool so Njord summoned a water elemental named Todd to look for us. He found us a masterwork set of chainmail. Medium sized. Joy.

In another side tunnel we encounter a locked iron door, but just outside this door we discover a collapsed passage. We are able to unlock the door and find a chamber with a stone sarcophagus in the middle. We leave it alone. After much digging in the collapsed corridor we are able to find another room with another sarcophagus. Unfortunately this one contained an evil mummy who was defeated but not before he infected Otho with mummy rot. This will need to be dealt with soon.

On the opposite end of the mummy chamber we discovered a secret door that lead to another chamber filled with zombies. Joy. Despite the odds, Otho nearly single-handedly defeated the zombies. Go Otho!



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