Bay-Wynn 'Bringer of Song'

Bard with a bit of a dark side


Bay-Wynn ‘Bringer of Song’ – is a Bard with a bit of a dark side. Following Celestria she can be unpredictable and yet kind and giving. Just don’t cross her and you will be fine. And NEVER EVER touch her ears!


Bay-Wynn was orphaned at a young age. She was originally told that her parents were killed by Dwarf raiders so she developed a major hatred of Dwarves. It was only as an elven tween that she learned the truth. Her parents were involved in illegal pixie harvests. They were killed in an illegal Pixie Dust deal gone wrong.

Although she was given a place to live by her Aunt and Uncle there was still something missing in her heart. Her aunt and uncle loved her, as an aunt and uncle do… but not unconditionally as a parent is supposed to. She took to going into taverns and singing for her supper … although what she was really craving was approval and acceptance.

She built up quite a following and would be booked several nights per week – where she stood on the hearth of the fireplace and sang songs of redemption and adventure and true love.

Her skills with both singing and story telling were noticed and she was invited to study at the local Bard’s guild school (not one of the highest caliber) where she excelled. Top Student. Naturally gifted. Actually better than her instructors who didn’t take too well to be shown up by a beginner student – so they watched her with the green eye of envy.

Eventually she was kicked out. Despite having done all the work required plus more she was denied her graduation. She got caught out one night in a somewhat questionable tavern telling bawdy stories verging on pornography for some extra coin. This was the excuse that the instructors at the guild needed. “We did not teach you the refined arts of storytelling for them to be used like this!” And she was expelled for conduct unbecoming a bard.

Now without a family, she wanders the world trying to find her place in it. Until she met up with a Dwarf named Pint.

Bay-Wynn 'Bringer of Song'

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